Rohingya refugees rescued by Indonesian fishermen after months of voyage at sea

Helen Dunmore Sep 07, 2020 2

The ship carried about 300 Rohingya Muslims and has been sailing at sea for more than six months. After being denied access to Southeast Asian ports.

Officials said hundreds of Rohingya Muslim refugees were trapped at sea. For more than six months after being rescued by local fishermen in Aceh, Indonesia on Monday.

Human rights groups said that the rescue operation was carried out around 12 midnight. When Indonesian fishermen found refugees near Ujong Blang Beach in Aceh. Two of the 300 or so passengers, including 14 children, were taken to the hospital. According to reports, the ship has been sailing at sea for several months and 30 people have died.

fishermen contacted Indonesian officials

Before the rescue, the fishermen contacted Indonesian officials, who had prevented the boats from docking.

In June, after the authorities initially threatened to turn them away, Indonesian fishermen also rescued a boat with Rohingya refugees. The Rohingya refugee crisis intensified in 2017. When Myanmar’s majority Buddhist military released what the United Nations described as a genocidal campaign.

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In the years since then, Bangladesh’s booming refugee camps have become places of suffering and predation.

Many Rohingya have begun to travel to other countries. Ignoring the guarantees of the Myanmar authorities that they can return safely.

In a statement on Monday, Usman Hamid, Executive Director of Amnesty International Indonesia, said:

 “Rohingya refugees are still willing to take risks and seek safety”. “It’s shocking that the Indonesian authorities are waiting for local fishermen’s actions. Take these rescue operations.

 The government should save these lives, not private individuals.”

Human rights groups say that with the global spread of the coronavirus last spring. Hundreds of Rohingya refugees traveled from southern Bangladesh to Malaysia by boat. And both Malaysian and Thai authorities drove them back, partly due to restrictions related to the pandemic.

The United Nations warned :

The United Nations warned in May that measures to prevent the spread of disease. “Should not result in the closure of asylum routes or forcing people to return to dangerous situations or seek secret landings without health checks or quarantine.”

The Indonesian government pledged to work with the United Nations. To ensure the health and asylum of the nearly 300 refugees rescued on Monday.

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