Ron Johnson of Riot Games resigns after a controversial comment about George Floyd.

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An executive of the Riot games have just resigned from his position as he shared a picture of the decased George Floyd on one of his account.

The compay just confirmed about his resignation to ESPN.

Ron Johson who seved as a Riot’s Global Head of Consumer product just resigned after he he questioned about all the media and social media attenton given to the deceased George Floyd.

The post all talked about the criminal record of the George Gloyd and his addiction towards the methamphetamine.

One of the spokes person of the Riot games said “The sentiment expressed in the image in question is abhorrent and runs directly counter to our values and our belief that addressing systemic racism requires immediate societal change, something that we’re committed to working toward,”. ‘

He further added:

“To start, we’re committing $1 million to areas where we know we can make an impact, including justice reform, long-term solutions to address racial bias, and support for local Black-owned businesses. We’re also striving to change the face of our industry and create opportunities, including by investing $10 million in founders underrepresented in the games industry and helping create a future pipeline of underrepresented talent for the gaming and tech world. We know there is much work to be done, and we vow to do our part.”

The CEO of the Riot games sent out an internal note stating the resignation of the Ron Johson. The copy of the resignation was received by many media officials.

However CEO Nicolo Laurent didn’t told anyone about the mesaures taken in the investigation agaisnt Ron.

He further added that the comments were solely of the Ron Johson and everyone has there right to express there opinion so i won’t comment on it.

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