Royal Mint is selling 50p Brexit coins

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On 31 January UK will leave EU, and the coin will be released on this occasion.  Royal Mint will release this 50p coin to remember Brexit.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint is selling 50p Brexit coins

Versions and Price

The coins, available in two-coin set, gold, silver and brilliant uncirculated, will available to buy on 31 January. On this day, Britain will leave the EU (European Union). 

Three versions of coins are available to purchase. Price of the gold version of is £945, the silver one is £60, and the last one is brilliant uncirculated, which is £10. The expensive one is reserved, but the two the cheapest are available to buy. Peace, Prosperity and Friendship with all nations and 31 January 2020 will be written on the coin. It has also created a two-coin set (price £30).

Royal Mint

Royal Mint Website Crashed

Last night, the website of the Royal Mint had crashed due to a large number of people trying to reach the site. Last night at midnight, the coins went on sale, and due to a large number of people, it crashed. 

The coin makers requested on Twitter to bear with us, we were experiencing some technical difficulties due to a large number of people trying to access it. Our web team were working on it, we would get it up and running ASAP. 

Within an hour, the Royal Mint website was back and working again, but people will have to wait to access it. You do not need to pay to see it or touch it as three million coins will be available in banks, shops and post offices. 

The director of commemorative coin at Royal Mint, Clare Maclennan said that The Royal Mint had been marking important events in British history for over one thousand years, and had a history of celebrating the UK’s relationship with the EU through coinage. 

The Royal Mint has created coins in the past to develop good relatons between the UK and the European Union. When the United Kindom (UK) joined the European Community in 1973, it made a coin. It created a design for a single market in 1992 and marked the 25th anniversary of the UK of joining the EU in 1998.

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