Rush Limbaugh received Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Melania Trump gave Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio talk show host, the President Medal of Freedom. He received the highest civilians award on Tuesday night at the State of the Union.
He has received the award one day after announcing his advanced lung cancer.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh seated next to Melania Trump and surprised as President Trump announced the award. He stood and offered a thumbs-up to Republicans.

First Lady Melania Trump put the medal Limbaugh’s neck, 69, as members of Congress and other attendees clapped.

President Trump said that every American family knew the pain when a loved one was diagnosed with a serious illness. There that night was a special man, someone beloved by millions of Americans. Rush had Stage 4 advanced cancer diagnosis. That was not good news, but what was good news was that he was the greatest fighter and winner that they would ever meet.

Rush Limbaugh

Trump said to Rush that in recognition of all that he had done for his nation. The millions of people a day that he spoke to, and he inspired and all of the incredible work that he had done for charity.
Trump said that he was proud to announce that night that Rush would be receiving our country’s highest civilian honor: The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Rush Limbaugh works in the conservative radio talk show, which is very famous throughout America. He told on Tuesday that he had advanced lung cancer. He needed some break.

What is Presidential Medal of Freedom?

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilians award in the US. The president of the United States gives this medal. People who work for national interests of US, cultural, world peace, or national security can receive this award. 

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