Rush Limbaugh says He Has Advanced Lung Cancer

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The most famous political radio host, Rush Limbaugh, said on Monday that he is starting treatment for Advanced lung cancer.

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh told audiences that he had noticed some shortness of breath but was not facing signs at the moment. He said that he would resume working but would be missing from the show for some days to cure the disease.

Limbaugh said that he could not help but feel that he was letting everybody down with that, but the result is that he had lung cancer.

Rush Limbaugh’s age is 69 and told his radio listeners on Monday that he was suffering from an advanced stage of lung cancer. He added that he first realized on 12 January, and his diagnosis confirmed on 20 January.

Limbaugh said that he wished he had not had to tell them, and he had thought about not trying to tell anybody. He had thought about trying to do that without anybody knowing because he did not like making things about him.

Limbaugh also said that there were going to be days that he was not going to be able to be there because he would be undergoing treatment or he was reacting to treatment.

Rush Limbaugh has been hosting a very famous show, “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” for almost 31 years. He is an ally of Donald Trump’s.
At the end of Monday’s Program, Limbaugh told that he plans to leave on Tuesday and back on Thursday.

He said that he intended to come there every day, he could and to do that program as usual. That was the source of his highest satisfaction.

Rush Limbaugh

People’s Reaction

He worked with the syndication company Premiere Radio Networks. The president of Premiere’s parent company iHeartMedia, Rich Bressler, said in a statement that Rush was both a dear friend and a colleague. He knew he would handle the situation with courage and grace. He knew millions of people nationwide join him and all of IHeartMedia in wishing him a full rehabilitation.
His contract expired last year and renewed early this year. When he resumed his show, Premiere said that he resumed the most-listened-to national radio talk show in the USA.

Limbaugh’s fans shocked about the diagnosis of Rush Limbaugh.
Lars Larson prayed for his fellow @limbaugh, who had just announced he had Lung Cancer and would be undergoing treatment. America needed his voice.

Republican Congressman Mark Meadows prayed to him, his family and the staff of his show.

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