Russia approves coronavirus vaccine before final clinical trials are completed

coronavirus vaccine
Russia COVID vaccine

Russia became the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, a move that caused suspicion and anxiety in the international community because only dozens of people received the vaccine.

President Vladimir Putin announced the approval of the Ministry of Health and stated that he had been vaccinated with one of his two adult daughters.

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He said that the vaccine has passed the necessary tests and has been shown to provide long-lasting immunity against the coronavirus, although the Russian authorities have not provided evidence to prove its safety or effectiveness.

scientists in Russia and other countries have issued regarding vaccines:

However, scientists in Russia and other countries have issued an alarm that rushing to provide vaccines before the final stage of testing may be counterproductive. The so-called phase 3 trial-involving thousands of people and possibly taking several months-is the only way to prove whether the experimental vaccine is safe.

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The Russian Association of Clinical Trial Organizations said: “Rapid approval will not make Russia a leader in competition, but will only expose vaccine consumers to unnecessary risks.” He urged government officials to postpone the approval of unfinished vaccines.

The vaccine developed in:

The vaccine developed by the Gamalian Institute in Moscow  uses another virus-a common cold-causing adenovirus-which has been modified to carry the “spike” protein gene that covers the corona virus.

Trial began to start:

These trials began on June 17, and a total of 76 volunteers participated. Half of them were injected with liquid vaccine and the other half were injected with soluble powder vaccine. Some people in the first group were recruited from the military, which raised concerns about the pressure that soldiers might be forced to join.

Fact about vaccine:

This is not the first controversial vaccine in Russia. Putin boasted that Russian scientists had provided “proven to be the most effective” Ebola vaccine in the world and “made a real contribution to the fight against Ebola in Africa.” However, there is little evidence that any of the two Ebola vaccines approved by Russia is widely used in Africa.

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