Russia says the U.S. has asked its 24 diplomats to leave before September 3

Russia says the U.S. has asked its 24 diplomats to leave before September 3. Washington did not immediately comment on the matter.

“Despite the consequences of the US Presidential Administration’s statement on the important position of negotiation and its willingness to expand stable and unsurprising relations with our country, Russia’s diplomatic presence has experienced sustained blows,” Anatoly Antonov.
Washington, August 2nd. /TASS/:
Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov said in an interview with “National Interest” that the United States has submitted a list to Russia, including 24 diplomats, which will be released in September.

The interview was uploaded to Facebook:

Leaving the country before 3 days due to visa expiration. The transcript of the interview was uploaded to the Facebook page of the Russian Embassy on Monday.

The Russian diplomatic forced to work:

“Apologetic to say, the state of relationships has not enhanced. The Russian diplomatic mission in the United States is motionless forced to work under unprecedented limitations, which are not only still in effect, but also strengthening,” the ambassador said.

“Despite the consequences of the statement made by the US President Joe Biden’s administration on the important role of diplomacy and its willingness to develop stable and predictable relations with our country, Russia’s diplomatic presence is constantly being hit,” Antonov continued.

“The American colleagues are persevering and creative in this matter. The expulsion of diplomats is carried out from time to time under the pretext of being far-fetched. In December last year, the State Department unilaterally set a three-year limit on the duration of Russian personnel stationed in the United States. As far as we know , Does not apply to any other countries,” the diplomat said in an interview.

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Antonov said:

“We have conventional a list of 24 diplomats who are predictable to go away the country before September 3, 2021. As Washington has suddenly tightened visa issuance procedures, nearly all of them will leave. Substitute.”
Russia is ready to discuss any arms control topic with the United States-Russian ambassador
Anatoly Antonov emphasized, “Without a fair exchange of opinions, dialogue will not be fruitful” U.S. and Russia’s bilateral agenda priorities

Nuclear security and safety:

The Russian National Atomic Energy Corporation and a supplementary of Kaz raw materials signed a contract to provide electrical energy for the new Baimskaya copper mine plan in the Chukotka area of eastern Siberia. Rosatom suggests using three floating nuclear power vegetation, each using a new pair of 55 MWe RITM-200M reactors, one of which is powering the icebreaker. The fourth unit will be kept for use during maintenance or refueling. (World Nuclear News, 07.27.21)

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