Russia threatened Apple and Google to remove their application

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Russia threatened Apple and Google to remove their application and stated that the developers’ company is interfering in their nation’s electoral Processes which is unacceptable. Moreover, according to their perspective app encourages voters to cast ballots against the recent PM Vladimir Putin.

Apple and Google didn’t stop

The move follows weeks of by the agency, Roskomnadzor to both Apple and Google. None of them remove the app and the latest updates started an intense battle against the political organization in Russia.
President Putin crackdown against the opponents and intensifying the activities to remove the app. But the battle goes against Valley underscores the reason is; tech companies navigate worldwide their services and become a necessity to political campaigns.
The Russian threat, is way starker, with authority in the hands of Putin, who has amassed unrivaled power since his first day at the office. The authorities’ demand is not applicable as they are against the thoughts, words, movement, or competition of anyone, it’s illegitimate, unauthorized, anti-constitutional, according to Artem Kozlyuk, Rozkomsvoboda.

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Navalny role in this situation

Navalny, Putin’s opponent, is playing a stunning role as opposition by exposing government corruption on YouTube, inhuman prison conditions on Insta, and encouraging voters to support opposition candidates on iPhone and Android Apps.
But the new adaptation of using the Internet for their campaign creates an aggressive backlash from Russian government censors. They are demanding a crackdown on this whole situation thing and all the opposition material online which is considered extremist.

Russia president putin opponent Navalny

Authorities blocked 49 Navalny linked websites, deleting tweets and repeatedly fined Google, and discourages others to use the store, as it drained data from servers based within Russia.
Roskomnadzor also contacted YouTube to remove Putin’s opponent channel which has more than 6 million subscribers, also demanded other platforms to delete Nalvany accounts and its associates.

What is the actual purpose of the App?

Google and Apple focused on one of their app built by Navalny which is used to help voters and guide them on how to cast their ballots in the month of legislative elections, meanwhile highlighting Putin corruption. Google took no action against the government for constant fines and the order to stop the distribution of the app. Although, Navalny urging to contact the censor the resolve this matter; According to Washington Post. Furthermore, he replied to Apple a few days after the government order and saying, An illegal and arbitrary act of censorship that was part of a campaign of political repression.
Apple did not remove the app and resume its distribution right after the opposition leader plea to Apple.

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