Another week, ready to face another Sahara sandstorm

Helen Dunmore
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sahara sand storm

If you missed some glances of the Sahara Desert covering parts

of the southern United States last week, you are going to get another chance this week.

The National Weather Service said it expects another trail of dust to reach the western Gulf Coast

and lower Mississippi Valley. According to the latest forecast from, by Thursday,

it may linger near the western and northern coasts of the Gulf of Mexico.

meteorological service statement

The meteorological service said: “The main impact of the dust in the Sahara desert will be the dim

sky during the day, the local visibility is reduced, and the air quality is reduced,

but the colors of sunrise and sunset may increase and beautiful.”

According to data from the Meteorological Service, lower specks of dust are expected to

spread throughout the Plains State, while some will spread eastward to the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic.

According to the National Daily, extremely dry and dusty air masses formed from above the Sahara Desert

formed over the Sahara Desert, crossing the North Atlantic every three to five days from late spring to early autumn,

from late June to mid-August reach the peak. 

The agency says it can absorb a layer about two miles substantial in the atmosphere. The “Godzilla” dust cloud in the Sahara Desert is near the US Gulf Coast.

National meteorological administration statement:

The National Meteorological Administration said:

“The main collision of the dust in the Sahara Desert is that the sky turns white during the day, the sunset turns red and the air quality declines.”

“This is the most significant event in the past 50 years,” said Pablo Méndez Lázaro, an environmental health expert. Due to the extremely poor air quality, “the conditions in many Caribbean islands are very hazardous,” says that every year

the dust trails of the Sahara Desert go west to the Caribbean Sea, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The benefit of the Sahara dust is that it can prevent the development of tropical storms and hurricanes:

“Tropical storms require a lot of humid air and calm high-altitude winds to form,” Aaron Trey, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service Aaron Treadway said. “

Lack of vapor and the increased wind is not going to help the development of tropical storms.”

In fact, according to meteorologist Chris Dolce, this dust explosion and unfavorable high-altitude winds may contain any major tropical development in the short term.

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