Sainsbury’s launch a half-price Christmas toy sale with LEGO, Disney, and Barbie items

Helen Dunmore

The promotion only lasts for a week, so you better put it down now

Christmas is only more than two months away from us. If that is not exciting enough, I don’t know what it is. Soon, we will start to see all the Christmas lights go out, Christmas trees on the windows, and endless Christmas songs playing in every store.

Due to the coronavirus, things will be different this year, but nothing can stop you from giving beautiful gifts to friends and family.

The promotion starts today (Wednesday, October 14) and will end within a week, so you’d better go to a nearby store now.

Sainsbury’s tried to keep the release date secret, but it was soon leaked out, and signs began to appear in stores about it.

Similar to previous years, you can choose from thousands of discount toys from major brands.

It is important to know that sales are mainly in stores, with only a few online items. If you are not ready for Christmas, you can also enjoy Sainsbury’s current Halloween events.

In addition, you also need to make sure that you stay away from social activities in the store as usual and wear a mask.

How to compare prices to get the best price

Just because there is a product being offered or as part of a sale, it does not mean that it is always a good deal.

There are many comparison sites that will check prices for you-so don’t overpay, most sites work by comparing prices from hundreds of retailers. Here are some of the sites we recommend:

Google Shopping is a tool that allows users to search and compare the prices of goods on the web. Just enter the keyword or product number to display the search results.

Price Spy records the history of how much more than 3,000 different retailers (including Argos, Amazon, eBay, and supermarkets) spend. After selecting a single product, you can quickly compare which stores have the best prices and which stores have the best inventory

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