Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds are $35 off Woot

The checkout price for Amazon Prime members is $135 and everyone else is $145

If you are an Amazon Prime member, Samsung’s fantastic Galaxy Buds Live (called “Galaxy Beans” because of its shape) is available for a $35 discount on Woot. As a result, the fee is reduced from $170 to $135 (just make sure you log in with your Prime account on Woot).

If you are not a main member, you can still get a lot. This is a discount of $25, so it is $145 at checkout. These sales prices will continue until later tonight unless they are sold out before then.

My colleagues Chris Welch and Becca Farsace had a great time in Galaxy Buds Live, you can check the video comment above or the written article here.

Compared with the cheaper Galaxy Buds Plus and other models, this model is distinguished by its unconventional design, longer battery life, and powerful sound.

They have noise cancellation features, but they agree that you shouldn’t expect buds to quiet the surrounding environment.

Galaxy Buds Live are true wireless earbuds, with 12mm AKG tuned speakers, active noise reduction, up to 29 hours of battery life (with ANC and Bixby turned off), support for Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging and type C charging, And IPX2 water/dust protection.

 In our evaluation, we rated Buds Live 8/10 for its excellent comfort and good sound quality, but the active noise reduction effect is not as good as some competing products.

These earplugs can last up to eight hours on a single charge, and the included charging case allows you to power them for nearly 30 hours anytime, anywhere. In our review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, due to its single-function integrated design and support for Qi wireless charging and other features, the earbuds scored 4.5 out of 5 stars and received our recommendation badge.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds preorders

Woot’s shipping fee is usually $6 per order, but you can get free shipping by logging in with your Amazon Prime account before checkout. If you are not yet a Prime member, please consider starting a 30-day free trial to get free shipping on Woot and Amazon. You will also get all the regular privileges of Prime, such as Prime Video streaming services, member-only discounts, and more.

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