San Sebastian announced their official selection including Supernova, a gay couple steamy romance movie

San Sebastian film festival officially announced their selection including Supernova, a gay romance movie with a little twist.


A romantic movie coming to takes place in our hearts named Supernova, a famous festival San Sebastian has added new movies into its competition, and the supernova is one of them.

Supernova is a love story of a gay couple, they spent all the good and bad time together and one-day Tusker (Stanley Tusker) spotted dementia. Turning points comes in everyone’s life but how can we face it with courage and patience? this movie is a perfect example for us in that situation.

Macqueen statement

It is an honor for me to premiering the film in San Sebastian during this year, stated by Macqueen. It’s a movie full of emotions and a love to overcome even the hardest experience faced and how can we are willing to sacrifice for those who we love and adore more than anything in our life.

Its characters are playing In the role of Sam and Tusker, they love each other, spent almost twenty years together, and now facing critical situations after diagnosing dementia in Tusker a no more time left. This becomes a turning point in the story, they suffer a lot but deal with every situation with patience.

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Supernova short review

It an amazing movie and an eye-catching story that makes the viewer stick it till the end, life-changing and romantic movie which had never seen yet.

San Sebastian 2020 film festival

There are so many titles included in this contest and running to get san Sebastian golden shell competition award.

  • Movies that are running to win the race
  • We will never die drama directed by Danielle Arbid and Eduardo Crespo Argentinian
  • Francois ozone summer of 85
  • True mother

Musical albums that are included in this competition and fighting to win

  • El gran fellow
  • A music documentary produced by johnny Depp
  • Crack of gold
  • The filth and the fury
  • The sex pistols
  • The future is unwritten
  • The ecstasy of Wilko Johnson

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San Sebastian plans for physical 2020 edition

San Sebastian film festival is kept pushing on to become one of the first famous and major festivals as compare to others to hold a physical 2020 edition. In this situation where the epidemic forced cancellation to every event and new social activities. They revealed their official selection including supernova.

Get ready for new updates related to San Sebastian film festival.

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