Santa Clarita Shooting Incident: How Teen Got Gun With Him?

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Well, today morning, a sad incident happened in Santa Clarita, Saugus High School, where a teenage boy performs the shooting act and cause considerable damage. This incident was unexpected for some people, and some were shocked to encounter a teenager with a gun.

 This incident has driven a feeling of anger in some of the people because they want to know that how a teenage boy was given a gun license and how did he stepped inside the school under such a secure security check. Well, this is a thought-provoking question to talk about. This incident is although not small and cannot neglect at all because it has created a feeling of threat in all the educational institutions of Santa Clarita. 

Behind the Story of Santa Clarita Shooting Incident

The principal shooting suspect of this whole incident eventually died as one after the entire attack incident took place. This incident happened in Saugus High School, in which two students have been killed. According to the authorities, his name was Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow, who was 16 years old and was at a junior level in the school. He died in the hospital when he was under treatment for the gunshot that stuck in his head during the attack.

Almost two students have been killed in this whole incident. One of the students who lost his life was also the nephew of an old employee of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This was claimed in one of the interview media sessions that were held by the security officers after the incident happened.

The second student was a girl. There were few of the students who had already run away or exit from the school, and the majority of them were hiding at some corner of the school along with their teachers where the gun shooter cannot reach out quickly.

Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita Shooting

How Security Officers Controlled The Whole Attack?

As soon as the attack was reported to the enforcement officer agency, almost three officers rushed to the incident location and controlled the whole situation. But unfortunately, they arrived when the shot was already made on the students, and they could do nothing but to catch the victim.

Finn, as one of the eye-witnesses, told the media reported that he was on his way to school for dropping his son when someone reported him about students running off around the whole campus. After a few seconds, he got to know that someone has gunshot a few students in school. Finn was the first person who informed the police about the incident.

But still, the police investigation team thinks that they arrived on time; otherwise, a significant mishap incident would have taken place. But losing two central students of the school might not be a considerable loss, but for the parents of those kids, this loss is unbearable to understand. The victim already dies one day after the incident has happened. A few minutes of a two-sided clash attack did occur between the victim and police officers in which officers shoot him in his head, and eventually, he was caught.

What Security Officers Explained About Santa Clarita Shooting Incident

Police officers told the media persons that as soon as they reached into the school entrance, they encountered that the school was almost empty. There were few of the students who had already run away or exit from the school, and the majority of them were hiding at some corner of the school along with their teachers where the gun shooter cannot reach out quickly. Police officers have contented enough that not a significant loss happened before they step into the incident location.

Well, this is not the first time that the gun shooters have attacked any international school! History has encountered so many such incidents in which few events are still hurtful to talk about because they took the lives of so many students. Well, some immediate and precautionary measures need to be made by the Government centers so they can better deal with the crime attacks happening in the school system. Not just the school system, but even the whole world is mourning and condemns the attack.

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