Say hello to our New Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

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Marvel’s found its Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, who has the face of Iman Villani. I saw her Picture on twitter puffy eyes with black wavy hairs on the shoulders, Red and grey combination dressing, smiling like an angel.  

New Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan
New Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

Who is Kamal Khan?

         Creators —— Sana Amanat

                        Stephen Wrecker

            Adrian Alphona 

                       G. Willow Wilson

                      Jamie McKelvie

Abilities—— Shapes shifting 

                      Elasticity  Healing factor 

New Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan
New Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

Kamala khan is a comic character, a Muslim American living in Jersey. She has unbelievable powers including shrinking or expanding her body according to the situations. She faced many difficulties while managing her superhero life with teenage funky situations. Kamala Khan was first introduced in 2013 in a comic, we can say It’s her first debut in the Superheroes world. She did well and become famous in this unbelievable powerful world of superheroes. Her fan followings were increased a lot and now Marvel decided to select its human version in the form of Iman Vellani. 

Kamala Khan and Islam

Kamala Khan is a Muslim according to Marvel comic but this factor doesn’t show any change in her character. She is just a superhero who is struggling to save the world from enemies and inhuman creations. She has a lot to do, Islam is the part of her identity but the story of khan didn’t show anything related to Islam in her life.

Who is Iman Vellani?

Iman Vellani is an actress, newcomer, who is selected as Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. She will shape-shifting as I mentioned above her ability-Avenger in new series of Disney. She was the part of the next wave committee-special tags task managing team. It will be exciting to see her skills in the air. This can be a huge opportunity for her considering the third massive cast that we’ve ever heard or seen. She will be the first Muslim superhero in the history of Marvel.

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Excitement spreading everywhere

Iman Vellani is getting popular for her looks and appearance as she exactly looks like Kamala Khan. Ms. Marvel hashtag is trending on Twitter, everybody is appreciating Marvel’s decision and excited to see her appearance in Avengers. Ms. Marvel is supposed to be an ideal person no one knew whats going to happen next, casting Iman will be a good idea. Can’t wait to see her performance, what shell do as Kamala Khan.

According to Deadline 

New Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

Deadline shared the announcement that Iman Velllani is going to play the title role of Ms. Marvel series for Disney Plus. 

Ms. Marvel writer name 

Bisha K. Ali

Marvel announcement 

Marvel announced previously that the Khan will be the part of the champions-a team of teenage heroes who was split after the civil war 2. The writer of this series is Mark Waid and characters also included

  • Spider-man 
  • Hulk 
  • Nova 
  • Cyclops 
  • Viv vision 

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