‘Schitt’s Creek’ stars talk possible movie, Zendaya explains her tears: Emmys 2020 backstage

If you think the virtual 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony is unusual, please try to do it in the virtual backstage and the winner interviewed after winning.

The actors of “Schitt’s Creek” must deal with audio reverberation while answering questions, and remove their masks to speak to reporters through Zoom. “Successor” star Jeremy Strong (Jeremy Strong) looked at the virtual audience and asked, “Am I going to meet someone, or am I alone in the echo room?”

Despite some glitches, there are still moments of real emotion and joy in the background. This is what the winners have to say.

Zendaya explains her Emmy tears

 The 24-year-old Zendaya became the youngest best actress in Emmy history with his HBO TV series “Euphoria”, and the happy reaction was also ecstatic. The actress appeared in the same room and there were no crazy cheering and hugging family members in her admission speech. My family has soothed now, trying to be calm. When I sit here, I just feel the love surrounding me.” There were a few tears in her speech. Zendaya said she doesn’t normally cry. But I didn’t let it take over it completely. This is a very exciting time.

John Oliver wore his Sunday sweatshirt to the show

Oliver explained his casual wear in the show: the loose-fitting jersey of his beloved Liverpool Football Club. A football team that won amazingly in the Premier League earlier in the day.

Oliver said, she has two paths, one, as I was told to dress smartly, or I want to dress like at home.

Oliver said that although winning the award is exciting, he hopes to have a sewage treatment plant named after him in Danbury, Connecticut. After the insults between Oliver and the mayor, the city council is still studying whether the naming can do.

As the first series to sweep all seven categories, “Schitt’s Creek” has a groundbreaking position, when it comes to actors including his father Eugene Levy, and other recent producers. When starring together, the star and executive producer Daniel Levy has not yet received support to summarize the popular TV series.

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