School closed and strict Northern Ireland’s new waiting rules covid-19 update

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This move is one of the new restrictions imposed by executives.

On Wednesday, the NI Health Department recorded an additional 1,217 cases and another 4 deaths from Covid-19.

From Friday, the hotel business will be limited to four weeks of take-out and delivery services.

Health officials warned that if schools and hospitality venues are kept open, infections will increase further.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the health department in Northern Ireland has now recorded 23,115 cases-a quarter have been reported last week.

Currently, there are a total of 45243 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 1835 deaths in the country.


The executive officer has agreed that the school will be closed for two weeks, including half a vacation, until Monday, November 2, when the closed school will be reviewed.

Education Minister Peter Weir has vowed to oppose any measures that extend the suspension of classes in Northern Ireland to more than two weeks.

He said that extending the mid-term holiday of Halloween and extending the holiday for another week represented a “compromise” in the position of Executive Stormont.

The minister said that there is little evidence that schools have contributed greatly to the increase in the number of Covid-19.

Conor Murphy of Sinn Féin said his party was prepared to support a longer closing time, but they were “satisfied” with the decision.

Mrs. Foster outlined these changes in a statement to members of Congress.

Further guidance is being issued, and unnecessary travel will also be recommended. Executives will meet on Thursday to discuss further support plans for what the company’s closure means for work and viability.

As the ministers tried to reach a compromise on a series of decisions, the negotiations entered the wee hours of Wednesday and finally agreed to take the following measures within four weeks from Friday:

The hotel industry is closed except for delivery and takeaway

Other fast food restaurants and takeaway shops close at 23:00

Business license and supermarkets do not sell alcohol after 20:00

Except for the elite level, indoor sports or organized contact sports involving family mixing are not allowed

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