Schools are reopened, and wearing masks in classrooms is optional, Why?

Helen Dunmore
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In most states, the local schools decide whether to wear masks. As Tussahaw Elementary School begins the new school year this week, the tearful mother led the kindergarten children to be dwarfed by backpacks and buses, looking forward to getting off the fifth-grade students who ruled their school. Wearing masks should be highly recommended instead of an option.

Georgia’s local school decides:

Like most states, Georgia’s local school decides whether to wear a face mask. 43,000 students in Henry County, like many areas exhausted by mask conflicts for months, decided not to insist on wearing masks.

Instead, they are “strongly recommended.”

On Wednesday, many parents in this suburb of southern Atlanta had different views on this policy. Some people disagree and leave their children at home. Others let their children wear face masks to class.

With the rapid spread of delta variants, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended in recent weeks that everyone in schools wear masks in communities with severe or high levels of transmission.

Educators have to fight the strong resistance of some parents and political leaders to wearing masks.
Some people believe that the mask regulations violate the parents’ right to make decisions about their children’s health.

The states of California, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington intend to require all students and teachers to wear masks, regardless of vaccinations alternatively, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah have banned public schools from wearing masks. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said Thursday that the decision whether to wear masks in school should be made by parents
“What is the harmful effect of having kindergarten children wear masks for seven hours? They talked about emotions. , Academic, and physiological issues? Why doesn’t the CDC study this?”

At Tussahaw Elementary School:

In the four classrooms visited by reporters on Wednesday, more than 60{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the students wore masks, although some students had already taken them off. In only one room, the teacher did not wear a mask, and most of the students did not wear a mask.

What Tussahaw’s parents really want is some normality-to end trying to help children at home with virtual learning, or to ride a bicycle between face-to-face school and isolation.
Daniel Denny sent his two children to Tussahaw with masks, but he said that the parents should decide on the masks.

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Holley Freeman’s 8-year-old daughter Kalani is a student and she will stay at home for virtual learning. Freeman said that her family has health problems and it would be unsafe for her daughter to go to school if there is no requirement to wear masks.

She said it was difficult for her daughter to accept the news: “She cried all the way home, crying all night, and cried this morning, knowing that she must go online again.”

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