Sean Reed Video: Sean Reed’s Father Said ‘He Did Not Deserve This Type of Death’

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Sean Reed Video: On Wednesday, An Indianapolis man was lethally shot by police following a rapid chase. And in the Facebook Live video of the incident, somebody can be heard deriding the man’s dead body.

Sean Reed Video
Sean Reed
Credit: confirms: According to the Indianapolis Star, father identified that he is his 21-years-old son, “Sean Reed.” Who was shot by officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The police officers did not officially announce the officer’s name who shot him but confirmed that they are both black men.

Sean Reed was recording a Facebook Live video at the time of his death. And later, recorded by many other viewers and shared via many social media platforms. 

Sean Reed Video
Sean Reed video during his Facebook live broadcasting before his death

One viewer’s account caught a discussion, apparently between cops at the scene. However, it is not clear who is talking.

Also, in this recording, one person said:

I think it will be a closed box, Homie.

On Wednesday, Chris Bailey (a police spokesman) said:

The police office knows about the video. Both the officials and the investigators have done their due ingenuity in protecting that proof through the best possible lawful channels. If it’s related that there’s data on there that is proper for the investigation, they’ll use it.

Sean Reed’s Father’s statement on this incident:

Jamie Reed (Father of Sean Reed) said that he was sweet, always smiling, and lovable. Always up and moving, always keeping everyone’s emotions.

Furthermore, he said that It just shows me that we’re not being secured and served. We are being pursued. My child was an incredible child.

I love him to death. He was only a common youthful grown-up like any other individual and he did not deserve this type of death. 

He doesn’t know he will ever recover from the pulverization of the misfortune.

It simply should be fixed. That is to say, this is ludicrous. Someone should be considered responsible for the entirety of this.

Sean Reed Video
Protest on the death of black man (Sean Reed)

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