Selma helped define the life of John Lewis

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Selma helped define the life of John Lewis

The body of John Lewis crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Sunday. They were bombarded by rip gas clouds and near area police signal the club, one of them fractured Lewis’ skull.

John Lewis passed away

Mr. Lewis passed away on July 17. He was surrounded by mourners and sent to a land that felt like sacred. They said goodbye to Mr. Lewis, who befall the guiding force of the civil rights movement largely cause of his responsibility in the voting rights demonstration on March 7, 1965.

Ralph Williams

Ralph Williams and his family tour 100 miles from Jasper, Alaska. He said: “In the history of this country, it is as vital the Battle of Gettysburg. Selma closed the pilgrimage.

So, the homage at Selma did not only mark Mr. Lewis’ last trip, he has been regarded by him as a way of renewal and inspiration. This is also a unspoken sympathetic, both sad and satisfying.

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Jones said:

“He looked just about confidently and said: ‘Everything is fine.’ Now is the time to overtake the torch. It’s time for me to let go.”

During his service, his family, neighborhood officials, and pastors talked about his lasting link with the small town of about 19,000 people about an hour southeast of the area capital Montgomery. Many people quoted Mr. Lewis’s “troublesome” message, that is, believing that even in the face of severe consequences, willingness to resist oppressive systems can promote change.

Grant’s brothers, Henry Lewis

One of Grant’s brothers, Henry Lewis, recalls standing close to his brother when he was on oath in. Mr. Lewis looked in his path and gave thumbs up. After that, Grant asked his brother what his gesticulation meant. Mr. Lewis is fixed in a society that is wrought by the legacy of trauma, passed down through generations of slavery, apartheid, and deprivation of citizenship, but it is also deeply affected by this movement that ignores oppression.

He has always been the link between the legacy of the past and the protests of the present. His death was caused by C.T. Vivian, another civil civil liberties manager and Martin Luther King (Dr.) who assassinated his brother Medgar.

“If we don’t stick to it,” said Pastor Jacqueline L. Lancaster Danson of the Bishops Church of the African Methodist Church in Alabama, “he is in problem for nothing.”

These services have fascinated many people who only had concise exchanges with Mr. Lewis, even if they had met him previous to; they still kept back in touch with him.”He always makes you suffer like a person,” said Pasay Davidson, a 4th grade teacher from Ozark, Alabama.

She said that Sharon Calkins-Tucker knew him because she was also very forthright. She said: “Without us, nothing will disappear, nor will it change.”

The hearse left Troy and passed a winding country road to Selma, a city about 18,000 west of Montgomery on the Alabama River. It passes with rows of normal family houses and churches, but it also proves that time is not generous, such as manufacturing wreck and malformed houses being swallowed by nature.

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Brown Church A.M.E. Church

Political and civil rights leaders and their families at Brown Church A.M.E. Church-the the start point of the protest-from Selma to Montgomery on Saturday.

Elected representative Terri A. Sewell said: “We got to know John intimately in Selma, and his congressional district consists Selma, and added that the society” Walk in his path year after year.”

On the street in front of the church is a lease car with satellite trucks of Georgian church groups and area news agencies. Rows of people waited to see his body meandering in the street.

A  group of people set up a porch on the sidewalk to cook fish, as if they had a some weeks every Saturday. They started to do this to fill the free time caused by the corona virus. On Saturday, they stayed for a long time after dark and solved the world’s evils as usual.

They explained the irritation of living in this city, which is one of the darkest days for an outsider. They said that it is strange to see this link that is taken for decided as a local landscape and become such an important historical symbol.

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