Senator Square: Approved books are banned, “Spirit Weekly” starts from Carson High School

It may be a little quiet near high school recently, but this will not prevent CHS students from remembering their senior year.

Leadership consultant Ann-Britt said:

“I am happy to announce that the coronavirus cannot take everything away. So we will hold Spiritual Week in CHS from September 25th to October 2nd.”

The theme is “Return to School and Hometown”, and this deadly festival started on Friday. When students brought old shirts to school. For those students who don’t have any old shirts. The price of CHS Homecoming shirts in the past was $5, so no one left it for tie-dye.

It seems that “mental week” is not enough, this week is also “respect week”, so some people ask students how to show respect?

Retro-Hoco will start on the front lawn after school on September 25 and will continue to host CHS Pep Rally on September 28. Which includes bands, cheers, student unions, and spiritual week king and queen candidates. From 6 in front of the Capitol: 00 to 7:00 pm The construction on the streets of Carson City on September 29 includes peace, love, and respect in the 70s. As well as a bingo lunchtime at the Senator Plaza in Group 1.

Similar events will be held in Senator Square at lunchtime on September 2.

The fabulous 50s that began in Group 1 on October 1 require students to wear their Letterman jackets and poodle skirts and greasers in black and white. Lunchtime activities include rock music in Senator Square. Cohort 2 will be released on October 2, and the night event will include the “Admission Movie Night”. After the Coronation of the King and Queen of Retro-Hoco at 7:00 PM. Don’t miss the Mental Week, because even “outsiders” are required to participate.

Nevada Sports Network announced

Nevada Sports Network announced its all-time high school basketball team and players in Northern Nevada. Jennifer Minifie, chair of the CHS department and physical education teacher is one of the top basketball centers in northern Nevada history. CHS teacher Angila Golik said: “Take Jennifer’s way; the way to be a role model and role model for students.”

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