Seven countries added to the green list to promote holidays

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Today, many new countries have been added to the green travel list. Earlier this week, the government announced that the status of several countries will change, and the new regulations will be implemented early this morning. Appearances from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, and Norway will currently confront the least degree of limitations.

Passengers traveling to the green list:

Passengers traveling to green list countries still need to provide a negative test before returning and the day after landing and must submit contact details to health officials.

India, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates have all moved from the red rundown to the less prohibitive golden rundown.

France has also been deprived of the “Amber Plus” status imposed on the country last month.

In contrast to other Amber nations:

Individuals getting back to the UK are informed that they should hole up whether or not they are immunized or not.

This move is in response to concerns about the number of cases related to the Beta variant in France.

Experts worry that the rate of variants that may escape the vaccine is highest in the overseas territories of Mayotte and Reunion, so both are moved to the red list.

Georgia has also been moved to the strictest list, but the biggest change in Mexico.

Fearing that the B.1.621 variant might spread in the country, this popular destination has applied the strictest rules to it.

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The number of cases is increasing, and it is believed that a new “variant under investigation” starting in Colombia exists in the country.

The number is still low, but British public health officials worry about how quickly it crosses national borders and emerges in countries around the world, including Spain.

Subtle changes have taken place in the guidelines for people traveling to Spain this week, which may herald further tightening of regulations in the future.

Arrivals from popular tourist destinations:

“It is recommended to use PCR testing as a pre-departure test as much as possible to prevent the increase in the prevalence of viruses and variants in the country.”

The move seems to be to track the progress of the new Spanish variant. Spain’s reported incidence is the highest of any country in Europe, only lagging behind Colombia and the United States.

Unlike more basic lateral flow tests, PCR tests can be sent to the laboratory for sequencing and checking for new variants.

There are 37 confirmed cases of the new variant in England and 258 in Spain.

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