Seven Kings Stabbing: Men involved in street brawl:

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A street brawl in which three men stabbed to death, maybe embroiled in an “ongoing dispute” detectives said. This street brawl of Sikh groups in Seven Kings, East London on Sunday evening, turned into a horrific bloodbath.

A street brawl

Police arrested two men on surmise of murder, aged twenties or thirties. According to the metropolitan police, the group of five men involved in another quarrel, the last evening at the nearby Krystel Banqueting venue. 

Narinder Singh, Harinder Kumar, and the third person, named by his friends as Baljit Singh, were found slumped at the bottom of the pedestrian walkway near Seven Kings Station. Police believe that those involving people already know each other, were from Sikhs and the Hindus Community. 

A street brawl

“At this initial stage, I do not believe that was a race or someone gang-related,” said Detective Chief Inspector Paul Considine in the latest update of Scotland yard. Detective Chief inspector says we appeal and spur every person who may have seen this horrific quarrel or knows anything about this incident, help us by contacting us as soon as possible. 

Social community evidence:

Met said that three people who identified now, pronounced to be dead before the emergency services asked to reach the location of this horrifying street brawl. This horrific street brawl between two groups started at 7:30 pm.

“It was all-out chaos. It was a sort of a scene of the horror film,” Mr. O’Donoghoe said. 

“In front of the station’s main entrance, a person with blood on his hands asked me to help him,” The owner of Seven Kings Cars gave this statement. 

Rana Nadeem said that he was terrified to see him in this situation. He also appealed for help. As I was very shocked, I didn’t go there. But two persons were waiting there for a taxi ran towards that location, to see the situation?


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