Seven people were killed in an ambush in Manipur, including the CO of the Assam Rifles.

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Assam Rifles CO, his family members, 4 jawans killed in terror ambush in  Manipur |
Seven people were killed in an ambush in Manipur

On Saturday, militants ambushed the 46 Assam Rifles (Khuga Battalion) and killed Col Viplav Tripati, his family, and four members of the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) in Churachandpur district in Manipur.

Some powerful remote-controlled bombs were detonated by a group of unidentified militants near the Sekhen village, about 3 kilometers away from Behang sub-division in a district that borders Myanmar and Mizoram. They were taken to the sub-primary division’s health center where they were treated and then flown to the hospital by two helicopters. The military hospital at Leimakhong in Nagaland is expected to receive more seriously injured soldiers.

At Sehkan village, Singhat Subdivision in Churachandpur district, the CO and his wife, six-year-old son, and Quick Reaction Team were ambushed by IEDs.

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As a result of the subsequent firefight, three QRT members and a suspected PREPAK/PLA cadre were killed. The CO’s wife and 6-year-old son were also killed in the attack. An Assam Rifles officer said that the other injured soldiers were taken to the Behianga health care center.

Col Tripathi served in Mizoram until July 2021, when he moved to Khuga in the Churachandpur district of Manipur, where he currently serves.
“The cowardly attack on an Assam Rifles convoy in Churachandpur, Manipur, is extremely painful and repulsive. CO 46 AR and two members of his family were among the five courageous soldiers who perished in combat. My heartfelt sympathies go out to the family members of the deceased. India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted that the perpetrators will be brought to justice “soon.”

As the PREPAK remembrance day is celebrated on 12/13 November 2021, an officer on the ground believes that the insurgent group responsible for this massacre must be from the PREPAK cadre.

Attacks on a convoy of 46 AR vehicles in CCpur today have been condemned as cowardly, and the CO and his family are among those reportedly killed.” Militants are already being hunted down by state and paramilitary forces. On Twitter, Manipur’s Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said, “The perpetrators will be brought to justice.”

The battle against illegal drugs

As a result of the Battalion’s work in Mizoram, it has seized a significant amount of drugs and disrupted illegal smuggling along the India-Myanmar border and its hinterland. Additionally, “we have recovered several weapons and warlike supplies that could have fallen into the hands of anti-national elements, thus avoiding major casualties,” the officer above stated.

In January 2021, his battalion’s anti-drug campaign received numerous awards and accolades, and the state’s residents praised him for his efforts, an officer who had worked with him said.

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