Shakira’s ‘Girl Like Me’ has been the talk of the town since its release.

The music video of Shakira’s ‘Girl Like Me’ hits above 100 million views on YouTube. It was on the 4th of December 2020, when Shakira announced the release of the song on her Instagram. The singer, actress, and dancer expressed her happiness on her Instagram account with partying face emoji and wrote, “100 million.”

As Waka Waka singer shared the music video and expressed her joy, she wrote on her Instagram account. Her words were, “New video, ‘Girl Like Me’ with the Black-Eyed Peas! I had so much fun with this one—hope you guys love watching as much as we did shooting!”

Shakira's 'Girl Like Me'
Shakira’s ‘Girl Like Me’

This song ‘Girl Like Me’ is a song by the American group Black Eyed Peas and Colombian singer and is written by Shakira. This was the fifth single from the Black Eye Peas and their eighth studio album Translation of 2020. The producers of the song are the group’s members’ will., Shakira, and Johnny Goldstein.

The ‘Girl Like Me’ music video was recorded in September 2020 and was directed by Rich Lee. In the video, Shakira is featured on a skateboard with background dancers doing aerobics. When Shakira spoke to Billboard about the video, she said, “The song already has that vintage quality to it, so I wanted a video that had the retro-futuristic vibe.”

Besides, she said, “from the beginning, I thought: Jane Fonda. Those ’80s workout videos had a really cool aesthetic I wanted to import into this video.” This talk of the town music video received 23 million views in its 1rst three days. The choreography in the music video also hits on Tik Tok and fans attempted to recreate Shakira’s move.

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Anna Kaiser used Shakira’s ‘Girl Like Me’ routine to create a workout piece.

The singer of Waka Waka, Shakira, tweeted on her social media account about the fitness professional, Anna Kaiser. Anna recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Brooks Emerson Wesley.

Shakira wrote, “Anna Kaiser just had a baby and used the ’Girl Like Me’ routine to create a workout piece. Love it! Get it, girl!”

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