Zurich zoo become a dangerous place for tourists

Helen Dunmore
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A zookeeper in Switzerland died after being fatally injured by a Siberian tiger.

A representative of the Zurich Zoo said in a statement that after a frightened tourist issued an alarm to lure a tiger from her side and tried to save her.

colleagues asked the woman for help shortly before 1:20 on Saturday afternoon.

siberian tiger zoo
siberian tiger zoo


After the big cat started attacking the breeder at about 1 pm, the onlookers asked for help.

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according to the Zurich Zoo, said in a statement; Employees hurriedly sought help from their colleagues and lured the Siberian tiger named Irina from the fence. First aid personnel tried to revive the breeder.

The statement said:

in spite of instant recovery measures, the
(55 years old) woman has died at the moment because of old age, on the spot

According to reports, visitors and staff are receiving psychotherapy after this horrible attack.

Zurich Prosecutor’s Office

The Zurich Prosecutor’s Office, the Zurich Police Department, the Zurich Institute of Forensic Medicine, and the Zurich Institute are investigating

“how tragic events occurred and why animal breeders were in the facility at the same time as tigers.” Forensic medicine”.

The zoo said in a separate statement on Sunday that the 5-year-old tiger named Irina would not be in any consequence because she was

“in her usual environment.”

siberian tiger zoo
siberian tiger zoo

The statement said:

“Yesterday’s happening was tremendously tragic, and the Zurich Zoo was genuinely unnatural.”

However, the zoo noticed that the Amur tiger is a wild animal.

“A person in the facility was an intruder to his territory. In her response, she only followed natural intuitions. Therefore, the incident had no effect on the animals.”

Irina was born in Odense, Denmark about 5 years ago and transferred to Zurich before a year.

After a long period of shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the zoo closed “out of piety” on Sunday, but will reopen on Monday.

The zoo said that the area around the tiger fence also had a four-year-old male Sayan’s home, which would remain closed to the public.

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