Silence | 2nd Mello Song to reach this mark on Spotify

Khalid Marshmello

Marshmello & Khalid’s ‘Silence’ reaches 1 billion on Spotify

Controlling us through the most obscure of days with his powerfully smooth voice, 22-year-old Khalid never baffles to win the hearts of his global fan base by displaying his elevating and motivating music. While carrying on with a typical young life after secondary school, Khalid immediately turned into a platinum-guaranteed pop star by sharing deliveries, for example, ‘Area’ and in any event, showing up on Logic’s effective single known as ‘1-800-273-8255’ highlighting Alessia Cara. In 2017, it just seemed well and good to collaborate with Marshmello for their notorious single known as ‘Silence’. And Khalid as of late referenced the unique joint effort is approaching the 1 billion stream blemish on Spotify.

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Streaming straightforwardly into Khalid’s conciliating vocals which bring audience members a feeling of harmony, Marshmello’s moderate beat at this point delicate instrumentals give the ideal touch to the single. As Khalid’s incredible voice echoes all through the ensemble of ‘Silence,’ Marshmello takes over with his elevating mark sound which sounds excessively sweet to the ears.


Moving toward 1 billion streams is merited for both of these legends in the music business. As both Khalid and Marshmello are a match made in paradise for this stunning joint effort. While the two craftsmen keep on making their imprint and spread the energy around the globe. We can dare to dream for another cooperation from these two later on. For the present, thank you Khalid and Marshmello for proceeding to make our days more brilliant through your music.

Return in time with Khalid and Marshmello’s ‘Silence’ beneath and let us understand your opinion in the remarks.

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