Simone Biles won a bronze medal on the equilibrium shaft of light

Simone Biles
The picture was taken when Simone Biles won a Bronze medal in the women beam battle:

Simone Biles won a bronze medal on the equilibrium shaft of light in return for the Tokyo Olympics

  • Participating in the competition for the first time since she withdrew from the team competition a week ago due to “turns and turns”, Biles won a bronze medal in the balance beam final on Tuesday night.
    It is the 7th Olympic medal in her career and tied with Shannon Miller for the most American gymnasts.
    She said on Tuesday: “I in fact don’t know how I experience,” she said on Tuesday. “At this time I experience so as to I have to go home and do my own thing and recognize what happened. I experience that I have to deal with that while I’m here.”
  • Even cheering for her teammates and watching them play is difficult for Biles.

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  • About 2.5 hours before the start of the balance beam final on Tuesday night, Biles and coach Cecile Landi arrived at the Ariake Gymnastics Center and warmed up. Biles has slight ups and downs in some of her drills but has been stable in other areas.
  • She changed her regular dismounting method, replaced the twisted somersault with a double spear, and made two new ones. After finishing the second time:
    She and Randy walked to the floor, where she took the band to put into practice ankles, and then sat with her teammate, Li Suni, the successor to the Olympic talented supporter.
  • After watching highlights from other Olympic games, she and Li, their coaches, and US team medical staff left the venue 90 minutes before the crossbar finals.

Biles defending world champion:

  • She is the defending world champion of the balance beam and the bronze medalist at the Rio Olympics.
  • Biles is the gold medal most wanted for Rio de Janeiro’s crossbar, but her left foot slipped when she chop down on the front bend-somersaults in the bend position-and she had to put her hands on the crossbar to prevent falling.

A number of people think:

Some people think her bronze medal is disappointing, and even now, it is rarely mentioned. She is described as a four-time Olympic champion, not a five-time Olympic medalist.

Biles finished sixth on the crossbar-she actually finished seventh in qualifying, but the rules of two people in each country made Yufei miss the final-and if it were not a gold medal, she would definitely become the most popular. One of the welcome medals.

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