Singapore turns to wearable contact tracing technology

wearable contact tracing

Singapore introduced contact tracing devices to tackle coronavirus with technology but they face privacy issues related to that device.

these devices are wearable, identify people who might have infected by a coronavirus.

everybody has to carry one device with him. its battery lasts up to 9 months which is quite shocking to me, it should be fantastic.

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this device doesn’t need any charging not even once in a whole time period of 9 months.

wearable contact tracing
wearable contact tracing image credit bbc news

the Government agency of Singapore which developed these devices acknowledged us that the tokens- in general, are not superheroes against coronavirus.

The Government agency also advised that all the users must carry these devices.

people who don’t own smartphones received the devices from the Government.

but, to buy or receive these devices they should provide their national identity card and phone numbers.

if the user is using dongle test positive for this coronavirus. they have to give this device to the Ministry of Health and Sciences.

Human contact tracers will use to advise others who are infected with coronavirus by identifying them. four experts are invited to inspect this device before the launch.

Singapore is the first country that develops such devices to contribute to the fight against coronavirus.

the local authorities said that almost 2 million people downloaded this software which is 35{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the whole population of Singapore. I phone users can also use this application through Bluetooth handshake.

but it is also a huge consumer of battery android devices that don’t face such types of problems.

When the token announced in June, the public criticize the government so badly and backlash against the government.

ministers point out that devices don’t log GPS Location information or connect to mobile phones to steal other persons’ personal information.

wearable contact tracing
wearable contact tracing

Mr cross was satisfied with the device and agrees on, the devices cannot be used as a tracker and steal any personal information.

Singapore prefers on their scheme rather than relying on apple and google. if Singapore wearable technical devices work as hoped.

our nation will rapidly cover up all the situations, and the epidemic will be slow down.

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