Skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya died at 20

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Olympic figure skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya died

Skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya died on Friday

Russian-born skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya deceased on Friday as she participated in Australia at the 2018 Olympics. She was 20 years old.

According to, the skater’s body was found near her house in Moscow.

Still could not find the reason behind her sudden death. According to the BBC, Alexandrovskaya retired in February due to injury.

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ISU President Jan Dijkema said

Jan Dijkema said in a statement on the organization’s website:

“ISU is shocked by the news of Ekaterina’s death.” “She is a talented figure skater, and the figure skating community will miss her.

We ask her family, friends and teammates expressed their deepest sympathy and condolences for this tragic loss.”

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya awarded Australian citizenship to

She was awarded Australian citizenship to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. She was paired with Harley Windsor and became the first Australian to be eligible for the Winter Olympics. The two won the 2017 World Youth Championship.

The ISU stated that the two represented Australia in international competitions and won the World Youth Championship in 2017.

They continue to make history and become the first Australian skater to win the ISU title. The two won the ISU Junior Grand Prix in 2017 and then participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

They announced the end of their skating careers in early 2020.

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Windsor shared the photos

Windsor shared the photos of both of them and expressed his feeling on social media. He is very frustrated and uncomfortable because of the Katia’s sudden death. He even said, “words cannot describe how I feel now”.

What we have achieved in partnership is something I will never forget and will always be close to my heart. This news is something you can never prepare. Rest in peace, Katia. “

Alexandrovskaya’s coach Andrei Khekalo told AFP that earlier this year, the skater was diagnosed with epilepsy.

According to the BBC, this is the second death of a team member of the Australian Winter Olympics in 10 days. The network said that three-time Olympic athlete and two-time world champion skier Alex Pring died last week when he caught sp fish on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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