SKIMS by Kim Kardashian will be launching Hosiery on 14TH OF January.

SKIMS by Kim Kardashian will be launching Hosiery on 14TH OF January.

Skims by Kim Kardashian West will debut their new product (Hosiery) which is set to launch on the 14th of January. It was announced on the official Twitter account of Kim Kardashian West about their new body wear. They claim that the Hosiery they will be launching will never lose its shape. The product will be in your reach from 9 AM on January 14th, 2021.

SKIMS by Kim Kardashian launches hosiery
SKIMS by Kim Kardashian launches hosiery

She wrote in the tweet, “Launching Jan 14: SKIMS Hosiery. We’re changing the game and launching gravity-defying tights and Hosiery solutions that sculpt, smooth, and never lose their shape.” The new launch will be available in 4 different colors including black and beige too. It will be available in 4 different styles and sizes range from XXS TO 4X.

Kim mentioned in another tweet at the same time, to join the waitlist of SKIMS by Kim Kardashian. She wrote, “Join the waitlist now at SKIMS to receive early access to the shop. Kim was wearing the tights in her Instagram stories to grow the Skims empire. She said, “I wanted you to see how flawless and smooth these tights make your legs.”

Besides, she said, “They’re definitely a step under shapewear. But if you wanted to wear them as a lining to something and not have fully thick shapewear, they really are amazing and make everything really smooth.”

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Description of the new launch of SKIMS by Kim Kardashian

These tights and Hosiery come in 3 separate levels of support, ranging from the nude support to full control. The Sheer bralette, which Kim emphasizes is sheer, is made of the same kind of material as the tights. Those tights are available in four matching hues.

Ms. Kim said, “I used to take old tights that had runs in them and I would cut them up and make them into sports bra tops. Because they have this support, but they are not too restricting. They’re kind of amazing, and I love to wear them to bed. We just made them out of hosiery.”

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