Skip Bayless’s comment on Cowboy QB Dak Prescott’s depression, no apology

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The day after Skip Bayless criticized Dak Prescott for being open to his frustration due to his brother’s suicide and the COVID 19 pandemic.

Bayless did not discuss the backlash against his remarks-his argument was that he could not sympathize because Prescott was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys but the 68 year old finally spent a few minutes revisiting the topic.

As I firmly point out, I have a view of people with clinical depression. Great sympathy, this is very real. If you suffer from any form of depression, please ask for help.” He slammed his fist on the table.

In a recent “in depth interview with Graham Bensinger”, Prescott said:

 “During the whole quarantine and offseason, I began to experience emotions that I had never had before. The main anxiety. Then, to be honest, a couple of days before my brother passed away, I would say I started to feel depressed.”

To clarify his comments on Friday, Bayless seemed to draw a line between the depression suffered by Prescott after his death in April and the depression he believed was related to quarantine.

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Bayliss said:

 “This is the last point. I was told that many people misunderstood this.” “The only Duck depression I talked about in the show yesterday was in his recording of Graham Bensinger.

 Derived from the interview. Duck said that shortly after the onset of the pandemic, depression appeared in the quarantine area. I said yesterday that if Duck needs help with pandemic depression, he should then seek counseling. If you With any form of depression, please seek help.”

Fox Sports broadcast the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number during Bayless’s speech.

 The network said in a statement on Thursday:

“We do not agree with Skip Bayless this morning on the’undisputed’ view. We have discussed the importance of this matter with Skip and how Fox Sports insiders accept him. Insensitive comments. Our audience.

“At Fox Sports, we are overconfident of Dak Prescott’s public disclosure of his struggles with depression and mental health. Regardless of the reason for the struggle, FOX Sports believes that Dak has demonstrated A lot of courage, this is in his leadership of the Dallas Cowboys and his role off the court.”

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