Software Engineer Andrea Meza from Mexico crowned as Miss Universe of the year 2021!

Usman Ashraf
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This was the first time in the vast history when all top four beauty pageant winners Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss teen USA and Miss USA were black.

Andrea Meza becomes the sixty ninth miss universe in the history of beauty pageant and also creates a world record for being third Mexican girl who crowned with Miss Universe title. Andrea is a software engineer by profession who wanted to peruse her career in modeling. Lately she also participated in Miss World competition where she was the runner up and couldn’t miss the beauty pageant so this Miss universe 2021 was not a very big deal for her as it was not the first time for her.

The previous Miss universe winner was Zozibini Tunzi who was crowned in the year 2019 and since then due to last year 2020’s competition cancelation she holds the title of Miss Universe for 2 years. The makers wanted to be on safe side due to Covid situations and after some better circumstance they organized the competition this year.

Andrea Meza got crowned for miss universe of the year 2021.
Andrea Meza got crowned for miss universe of the year 2021.

“What you have to carry with you is self-confidence. It is true to believe that you have the capacity and that you have been preparing for a long time.” said the Mexican beauty.

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African beauty Tunzi fits the crown on the head of the Mexican beauty for new Miss Universe of the year 2021 until it got fixed and Andrea took her first walk as Miss Universe 2021.

The first black woman who was crowned as Miss Universe from south Africa Tunzi also appreciates her  title as she breaks the stereotype of ‘black people are ugly people’ and become inspiration of many other girls just like Tunzi, this year there were many beauty pageant winners who are black. The top four Beauty pageant winners creates the history as brown beauties got the title of Miss America, Miss USA, Miss teen USA and now Miss Universe.

Andrea was very determined and focus when it comes to achieve her dreams and that is the reason after failing in Miss World competition she again packed her bags for Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. She always speaks bluntly for the right of women and she thinks this Competition will help her raise her voice for the rights and favors of women.

Andrea Meza created a history for being 3rd Miss Universe from Mexico.
Andrea Meza created a history for being 3rd Miss Universe from Mexico.

This Universe competition has been broadcast live in more than 160 territories and countries all over the world including America on various TV channels. The competition was hosted by two beauties Mario Lopez and previous Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo.

Andrea Meza is selected as the winner of Beauty Pageant Miss Universe of the year 2021. She holds the record of being third Mexican Miss Universe winner in the entire history of the competition and is sixty ninth winner of Miss Universe competition.

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