Sonia Shamroz Khan: 1rst Female DPO

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1rst Female DPO, ever to be posted in the lower Chitral area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is Ms. Sonia Shamroz Khan.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has specified officer Sonia Shamroz for the post of District Police Officer (DPO), a first for this province.

Hamid Mir appreciating 1rst Female DPO

Hamid Mir appreciated Sonia Shamroz
Hamid Mir appreciated Sonia Shamroz

Also, encouraged by Hamid Mir, on his recent tweet appreciating Shamroz claiming 2020 has ended up hearing something good.

He wrote, “something very good happened in the last days of the year 2020.

A woman DPO posted in Lower Chitral area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, she also served as the 1rst ever principle of the police training center in Manshera.”

Hamid mir ended up the message by expressing the hope that he is expecting in the year 2021.

He said he is hopeful that more brave females will accept more challenges in 2021.


Shamroz is an 18th-grade officer who recently returned to Pakistan after studying on the Chevening Fellowship from the UK.

She holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Human Resources Management.

While she was on her way to Fellowship, Shamroz completed a course on violence against Women and conflict.

Upon returning she was given the post of 1rst female DPO of the lower Chitral area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It is known that Chitral is a land of pluralism, diversity, and peace with a track record of the lowest crime rate. 

1rst Female DPO, Sonia Shamroz Khan
1rst Female DPO, Sonia Shamroz Khan

Back in 2013, Shamroz was appointed as an Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP), hailing from the city, Abbottabad.

Along with the position of ASP, she was posted as the Superintendent of Police (SP) Abbottabad for one and a half years.

Shamroz said that the chance to serve the people of the district of Chitral has made her entire family very proud of her.

She said, “In many countries around the world, women are serving alongside men in the defense and police sectors.”

Additionally, she told, taking over the district as a female officer is no less of a challenge but KP police is a force of brave police officers.”

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