Spenser Confidential (2020): The Movie of the Week on Netflix

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A mixture of suspense, action, and some comedy gives life to Spenser Confidential, the film where the actor is put back under the direction of Peter Berg.

Throughout their careers as an actor and director, respectively, Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg worked together on four occasions, in films such as Day of the Attack (2016). Now, with Spenser Confidential, they mark their fourth collaboration and debut in an original Netflix production, which mixes action, suspense, and comedy.

Spenser Confidential

In it, the American actor is Spenser, a Boston policeman who, after attacking his boss, Captain John Boylan (Michael Gaston), ends up in jail.

Five years later, the former sergeant ends his sentence and returns to civilian life in the company of his friend and boxing coach, Henry Cimoli (Alan Arkin).

Already in the house of the latter, Spenser reunited with his beloved pet, the Beagle Pearl. And meets his new roommate, Hawk (Winston Duke), a young boxer, lover of animals, and healthy food. But he also learns serious news: Boylan was murdered.

When considering your past, Spenser becomes the number one suspect in the crime. However, shortly after another police officer is accused: Terrence Graham (Brandon Scales), who would have killed Boylan. And later took his life to hide his double life as trafficker, leaving behind his wife and a small son.

But something else is hidden after this death, and Spenser decides to investigate. Despite his promise to leave Boston and move to Arizona, where he would work as a truck driver.

A complicated search that will face his former colleagues. Where he will have the unthinkable company of Hawk and his ex-girlfriend Cissy (Iliza Shlesinger).

A captivating plot in the streets of Boston

Thus, in the company of the rookie fighter, Spencer travels through Boston to face a story. A story where police corruption mixes with the Dominican mafia.

A film story that takes as a distant inspiration the novel Wonderland, by Ace Atkins. In addition to using the characters created by Robert B. Parker for the Spenser series, Private Detective.

And with the search for the truth in which the former policeman is involved as an axis; Spenser Confidential is drawing a plot that manages to balance the action with the suspense. But that is due to comedy, since humor; especially that He unfolds between Spenser and Hawk as opposite adventure companions – he feels somewhat forced.

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