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Spenser Confidential Trailer: Collaboration of Mark Wahlberg & Winston Duke:

Netflix released a trailer of a new American mystery and an action comedy film, “Spenser Confidential.” In this film, there are many characters, but the two main characters are Mark Wahlberg and a US comedy actor Winston Duke. They are roommates in this movie, and their primary role is taking down corruption. 

Spenser Confidential Trailer

This movie, “Spenser Confidential,” is the latest collaboration between the actor Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg. The leading idea of this movie based on an iconic novel character named “Spenser,” and the name of this novel is “Wonderland,” which is written by Ace Atkins. And the Spenser character is created by Robert B. Parker. This film was co-written by Sean O’Keefe and an Oscar award winner Brian Helgeland. The producer of the film is the producer of the famous film series “fast and the furious.” The shooting of the film started in 2018 in Boston; it is one of the oldest cities in the US. This movie is releasing on March 06, 2020. The time duration of this movie is 110 min (1 hour and 50 min).

What is in the trailer of Spenser Confidential:

The trailer of Spenser Confidential starts with a shot of jail in which leading character gets “a going away message”. Then they showed a small fighting action scene. After five years, when he gets completed his punishment, he goes to see her girlfriend, her name is Cissy. But she was her ex-girlfriend now. Because she moved up in his life and made a new boyfriend. Then in the trailer, Spenser(leading character) met with Hawk, Hawk is his roommate in the film. Then he said to Hawk that dirty cops, prominent politicians, and drug cartels are working together.

When Spenser was a cop, he tried to expose them, but they sent him to jail. Now, after the punishment of five years, he made a plan with his roommate Hawk to stop this dirty game. 

The central idea of the movie:

In the poster of the film, they used a tagline, “The law has the limits, they don’t.” That’s mean all the people in government are corrupt. They are not doing their duties, and even they are doing evil. That’s not fair. They can’t stop this by the following law. Because there are limitations in the law. So, they decided to stop all this by themselves.

 The complete cast of the movie:

  • Mark Wahlberg is detective Spenser
  • Winstone Duke as Hawk
  • Colleen Camp is Mara
  • Austin Post
  • Cassie Ventura is Elise
  • Marc Maron
  • Iliza Schlesinger as Cissy
  • Michael Gaston is Boylan
  • Donal Cerrone
  • Big Shug, he is W. Lintz
  • Rebecca Gibel
  • James DuMont

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