Splendid avenge by Ohio State, What a comeback!

Splendid avenge by Ohio State, What a comeback!
Last year, Fields and Ohio State lost to Clemson in the CFP semis. They didn’t want to see the same result this time around. Chris Graythen/Getty Images

People need to understand the fact that losing is just a part of the game and it often leads to winning. Surely trying again and work harder is the key to success. This is the same case that happened a few months back with the Ohio State club.

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Ohio State club lost the CFP semifinal last year from Clemson. The man of the match of this season (2020), Justin Field was asked a question about his sumptuous performance upon which he reveals that he has been training hardly from the last defeat. It took him 1 complete year to train and avenge his team. He worked hard for 365 days because he knew that the time would come when he‘ll get a chance to took back what he has lost, “The Dignity”.

Despite injuries and low ranking, the team did a remarkable job to earn the victory. It wasn’t the same team we saw in 2019. The confidence and aggressiveness took the game to the next level. Team Coach Ryan Day took the team in his confidence and shared the Plan. It wasn’t merely the plan but the team’s effort also. The team followed their Coach’s Plan but there was a moment when this plan was forced to end by Clemson. It happened when the Field got an injury.

The field was the same player who threw away the victory last year versus the same team and therefore he knew the importance of not giving up and earn the victory for his team. “I don’t have a choice, I have to” these were the words that completely show his devotion and hunger for victory. From the moment they got knocked out in 2019 to 2020 when they got another chance to avenge it, they knew something great would happen to them. Only if the kept themselves motivated and worked hard.

Surely, hard work pays off and if you don’t agree, I would like you to have an eye on the Ohio state versus Clemson matches of the 2019 & 2020 national championship.

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