Starbucks employees in Buffalo seek union vote

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Starbucks employees have been complaining about the company’s working methods for years, saying that chronic manpower shortages have led to chaotic working conditions, irregular working hours, and difficult sick leave.

Although Starbucks often strives to revise its policies, the complaints have been long and intensified because workers who overgrown during the pandemic must also address new health issues and safety regulations. It looks like.

Starbucks employees in Buffalo seek union vote
“With the pandemic and labor shortages — the fact that for once we’re not totally disposable, they need us — it was a perfect time,” said Alexis Rizzo, right, a shift supervisor at a Starbucks in the Buffalo area. Credit…Mustafa Hussain for The New York Times

Today, the long-standing frustration has sparked one of the most serious union movements to date to fight union companies that own more than 8,000 company-owned locations in the United States.

Starbucks Workers’ Federation

Starbucks workers in the Buffalo area announced last week that they are forming a union called the “Starbucks Workers’ Federation.” Trade union representatives. They proposed to vote within two weeks.

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 "The only way to solve these problems in the future is to let democracy and unions work."

Starbucks Barista Brian Murray in Buffalo said:

Starbucks issued a statement last week after announcing that workers will form a union, saying,

The workers are trying to hold elections in every shop. There are approximately 20-30 qualified workers in each store, but the company can push the labor relations committee to vote city or district.

At least 30{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of voters must sign a workplace union card to be eligible to vote.

The union stated that “overwhelming majority” signed the card at every store where workers applied to vote.

For years, store shift supervisor Alexis Rizzo has been in regular meetings with union organizers who want Starbucks employees to belong to, but until recently, the timing of the union movement seemed to be right. No.

Rizzo said:

 “This is a perfect era, pandemics and labor shortages”

She and several other workers said the pandemic has exacerbated long-standing problems, such as the pressure of understaffing.

“The training is over,” said Roisin Doherty, a barista from the Buffalo area. “Our business is very hot. We are always understaffed.”

Workers said that unless they can find a colleague to replace them, they will feel pressured to enter when they are sick.

Starbucks employees comply with state laws and accumulate paid time off as working hours increase. If employees test positive for Covid-19 or stay in close contact with people who have tested positive, the company will provide them with up to two weeks of paid vacation.

Rizzo said he overslept because of work about a month ago because he vomited the night before. She remembered that after her manager asked her where she was, she warned him of her illness and he asked her how long it would be to get to the store.

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