Stars suffering from stomach sleeve bariatric surgery-Kelly Osbourne, Rosie O’Donnell, etc.

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These stars know that the right thing to do on a weight loss journey is to undergo surgery! Now, let’s take a look at celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Rosie O’Donnell, who have chosen to perform gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.

The weight loss journey is always very difficult. For celebrities, they have been trying to lose weight, and they have been standing in the public eye. Although changes in lifestyle and diet may be useful for some people, other stars have chosen to “cut the knife”. We only summarized some of them!

According to UCLA Health:

 Some stars have undergone a gastric sleeve surgery, which is a bariatric surgery that can remove 75-80{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the stomach.

Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Rosie O’Donnell, etc. have chosen this knife method to improve their health. This is no easy task. Some of the celebrities we will mention boldly disclose their operations and how they can improve their livelihoods and overall health.

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Kelly Osbourne has been enjoying her new life after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery:

The 35-year-old’s weight is sometimes difficult to maintain, but in a recent interview she publicly stated that she would accept the knife. “I had an operation. On August 20, I told the Hollywood Raw hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn that I would not say what anyone had to say.

Rosie O’Donnell also underwent gastric sleeve surgery in July 2013 to lose weight:

She began surgery in 2014 and shared with People magazine: “I did this to save lives,” referring to the 2012 heart attack of the former partner host of The View magazine.

Lisa Lampanelli is so honest about bariatric surgery. But she also pointed out that this is not a permanent solution. “I feel like I have reached the weight I deserve,” she told InTouch after losing 100 pounds.

In 2016, the mother in June weighed about 460 pounds. Before deciding to cut. After the operation, her weight dropped to size four, but since then, her weight has remained at its original level. However, June’s mother seems to have returned to a healthy lifestyle and found herself showing some self-love by combing her hair and exercising on the beach.

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