Steve Lee died, “Jacks” star and wrestler died at the age of 54

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Steve Lee died

Professional wrestler Steve Lee (Stevie Lee), named “Puppet Mental Dwarf”, appeared in the film Jackass 3D and the TV show “American Horror Story. Freak Show” and Spike TV’s 2010 reality show series “Half In “Pint Fighter”, he died unexpectedly on Wednesday.  He was 54 years old.

Lee started his wrestling career with the 2002 NWA series:

 full non-stop action. According to Deadline.he also created the Half-Pint Brawlers organization. Which won his reality series Half-Pint Brawlers on Spike TV in 2010

The GoFundMe page wrote. “He is a legend in the art of dwarf wrestling, he needs our help to give him a final curtain call.”

Details of the death were not disclosed on the Go Fund Me page that announced the death.

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Funds raised through the page will be handed over to brother Jim Richardson to handle the funeral expenses. Lee’s full name is Stevie Lee Richardson. He started his professional camera wrestling career in 2002 through the pay-per-view TV series NWA: Full Uninterrupted Action.

 Later, he continued to create the Half-Pint Brawlers organization and scored the 2010 reality TV series Half-Pint Brawlers on Spike TV.

Lee was unique in Johnny Knoxville’s 2010 film “Jack 3D”. In Sam Raimi’s 2013 James Franco’s “The Wizard of Oz”  as Munchkin. A year later, he appeared in Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”

The “Go to Fund Me” page said:

 “He is loved by many people and has many family and friends who admire his fans. But only his brother Jim stayed to take care of the final arrangements”. “Puppet with his stubborn attitude And his lifestyle smiles all over the world. Steve Lee is a legend in the art of dwarf wrestling. He needs our help to give him a final curtain call.”

The organization wrote:

 “It is very regrettable to us that Steve Lee has passed away. The latter was called the “Puppet Puppet Dwarf” in the early days of TNA.

Professional wrestler Frankie Kazarian, 43, also paid tribute to Lee on social media.

He wrote: ” I will never forget the crazy UK trip we shared and the fun of all of us.” “Godspeed, my friend.”

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