Steve Stoute unexpectedly revealed more New York Knicks dysfunction

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The New York Knicks are still trying to turn their franchise around in a good direction. There was a time when The New York Knicks is the most famous franchises in all of the sports. But now people laughed at him. In an attempt to help renew the team’s image, the Knicks recently choose top music executive; Steve Stoute as an ambassador. He is known as a marketing guru in the music industry, and he also had the experience in it.

Steve Stoute
Steve Stoute unexpectedly revealed more New York Knicks dysfunction

The New York Knicks has chosen Steve Stoute to rebrand the Knicks as cool, in the eye of fans and players. 

The Knicks hired him a month ago, and he went to work to yesterday’s episode of First Take on ESPN. Stoute appeared on the top-rated sports talk show to renew the Knicks’ image, but it turned opposite.

Stoute said in the show that there needed to be a change in [firing team president Steve Mills]. That change would bring new and new coaches that were going to help develop those younger players. And they had got something to work with, and they had got something to work with. And getting a coach and a coaching staff that was going to help develop a team. That was what he expected to happen so that he could get to what he expected from a NEW YORK team.

Having a coach like that who had the magnitude and gravitas so that the media would love to talk and believe him, he thought that was super important.

Stoute also said that the biggest thing was getting free agents and players to know that was a place to show up. That was where they should be and he thought that the narrative had been lost. Players had not come; a free agent had not come. And if he could solve that problem, which he knew Stoute would, he had a great chance. He was the most iconic team in the league by far.

Steve Stoute
Steve Stoute unexpectedly revealed more New York Knicks dysfunction

The New York Knicks published their statement quickly after the show shooting down any notion that Steve Stoute has any say in personnel decisions. The statement is generally a reminder of all the work needed to be done for the franchise to have any sense of unity. 

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