Stranger Things: Season 4 review 

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stranger things

There isn’t a person who wouldn’t know about the new series that recently came out on Netflix, the continuation of one of the biggest ever Netflix shows, Stranger Things, an American science fiction horror drama series. The blockbuster series has made its comeback with another amazing season, the fourth season. Stranger Things isn’t a stranger to people. No matter if they keep logging in daily to scroll through their feed, keep up with the world or no because they must have heard of it from someone else. It is so popular that you don’t even have to watch the series to understand it, its story, production, and cinematography, because the loyal fans of this series are always discussing it amongst themselves and sharing their heartfelt thoughts, not just with other fans but with the world altogether. This share and trade of thoughts and emotions bring in a wider audience, who, upon reading felling filled comments and post, are encouraged and intrigued to discover the series themselves, as they have a good impression of what to look forward to, and they are excited to analyze it. And based on recent reviews, the series has not failed the people OR their expectations.

stranger things

 The fourth season of Stranger Things has seen immense success and heart-lifting reviews from the series’ old and new fans.  As if it could get any better, it is derived from many sources, fans that the newest season of the series outshines the rest, claiming the title of the best, biggest, and most powerful season, with the biggest impact, not just on the hearts of the fans, and the success of the season financially and by the sizeable fame it received, but on the series itself. The last season held many shocking improvements that enchanted the fans more.

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stranger things

Based on what reliable sources tell us, the factors that stand out to the fans are, along with the astounding productions, the subplots, improvement in acting, the story development, and how the actors seem to develop with the story, their personality changing completely, along with their actions, motives, transforming the total outcome of the show. The maturity of the actors, the story, the unexpected twists, and lastly, we know that the series is originally a horror, dark aesthetic, but season 4 takes that aesthetic and shapes it into a whole new dimension, exploring many unexpected places, scenes. Each episode of season 4 cost Netflix over 30 million, but the season brought MUCH more than that to the table. Its main actors make around $100,000 to $350,000  each episode, which speaks tons about the series’ success. The fan’s reviews would make it seem like there is no better entertainment, which is certainly true because season 4 has crossed gans expectations and brought forward much more than anyone expected.

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