Student sentenced to jail for accusing Samuel Patty of “well-deserved” death

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French Teacher attacked Samuel patty
French Teacher attacked Samuel patty

Samuel patty case update, A 19-year-old biology student wrote on the social network Facebook that the teacher was beheaded on the outskirts of Paris a week ago and died “well-deserved”.

Today, he was sentenced to four months in prison for “accusations of terrorism.”

The news was released by the French Press Agency, which also stated that the young student will have to undertake a six-month citizenship internship.

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A report published by L’Est Républicain

The young woman responded to a report published by L’Est Républicain on the social network’s Facebook page of the regional daily:

“He should not be beheaded, but should die.”

The user reported the comment and ended detention on Thursday when the student was attending classes at the University of Besançon.

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The young student said in court:

 “I’m sorry, I wrote this review, I’m sorry. I object to what I wrote.” She pointed out that she wrote “very fast” and “no thought”, but “deleted the same Late for comment”.

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The student added that he made “a very serious mistake” to ensure that the history and geography teacher Samuel Paty was killed in the unknown event  ​​showing the Prophet Muhammad’s work in the course on freedom of expression Comics.

Student sentenced to jail for accusing Samuel Patty of "well-deserved" death
Student sentenced to jail for accusing Samuel Patty of “well-deserved” death

The young woman from a Muslim family escaped the violence in Algeria.

 She explained that she knew nothing about the way teachers teach and “live religion at home.”

The defendant’s lawyer argued that the student was a “young penetration” in society and was not used to reading the news, so he did not know the events and trends of Samuel Patty’s death.

The lawyer went on to say that the young woman came across a “videotape of the parents of the student” that condemned the teacher’s use of Muhammad’s cartoons.

Samuel Patty, 47, taught history and geography at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in the suburbs of Paris, France, and was beheaded by 18-year-old Russian and Chechen refugee Abdoullakh Anzorov last Friday.

The parents and preacher of a student of Samuel Paty, Isla Mico Abdelhakim Sefrioui, is accused of “conspiracy to terrorize” Murder by Confucianism”. Five other people were also formally charged, including two minors, who reportedly identified the victim as the murderer in exchange for money, but were subsequently released.

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