Students will find the scientific history of abortion to be fascinating.

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Everyone is aware of the continuous conflict between pro-life and pro-choice advocates. Although progress has been gradual in some countries, 97% of abortions still occur in developing nations. These abortions are frequently hazardous since underdeveloped nations lack proper equipment and prohibit abortion. 

Therefore, it is essential to create global awareness about these issues. Every student should equip themselves with sufficient information regarding abortion, whether writing an article for a college course or simply seeking basic understanding. Therefore, this paper examines the history of abortion and provides students with intriguing facts.

Materials on Abortion Laws


As numerous groups and university programs raise awareness about abortion and women’s rights, your college may ask you to participate or write an essay on the subject. In addition, some nations, including Egypt, Iraq, and Madagascar, continue to prohibit abortions under all circumstances. 

The database of argumentative abortion essays is excellent for students seeking assistance in comprehending the numerous pro-life and pro-choice issues and arguments. Nowadays, it is crucial to be well-informed and aware of the circumstances.

Abortion Statutes Before 1900

In 1847, a group of physicians united under the American Medical Association (AMA). They inspected female employees in general, but nurses and midwives in particular. This same repulsive group launched a campaign to criminalize abortion. Then, lawmakers pushed to prohibit abortion. By 1880, nearly every state in the United States had passed restrictions on abortion.

There were a few exceptions, notably protecting the health of the patient. Thus, abortion became gradually recognized as a crime in all nations, and its stigma began to rise. Unfortunately, given the decision was made by a group of 95% doctors, they had the authority to make decisions.

Abortion Laws Following 1900

As the number of immigrants increased in the United States in 1910, white men who felt superior promoted abortion to boost the total birth rate in upper-class families. According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 1930, conditions began to improve. Unsafe or illegal abortions led to an increase in maternal fatalities. Approximately 18% of maternal deaths were caused by the clinics’ use of risky procedures.

How did people begin to turn around? Indeed, white supremacy diminished as people of color and women gained more rights throughout time. However, the media began to report on the hazardous techniques. Then, physicians should discuss the necessity of modifying the abortion law publicly.

Radical Alterations to Abortion Laws


In the 1950s, women across the United States began using the medicine Thalidomide, which was purportedly intended to alleviate pregnancy symptoms. Even though it was later confirmed to cause birth problems, women were not permitted to have abortions. Even a television host covered her pregnancy and abortion, as she had to fly to Sweden for the procedure. Surprisingly, 52 percent of Americans supported her.

The Association for the Study of Abortion (ASA) was founded in 1964. They intended to alter abortion legislation gradually. In 1966, a trial known as the Trial of the San Francisco Nine included one of the most unusual cases. This compromised nine doctors who were sued for illegally performing abortions on rubella-infected women.

 The sickness was causing birth deformities, and 128 medical school deans flocked to the doctors’ aid and support. This trial was unquestionably the initial step toward the reform of abortion, which followed. California permitted hospital committees to decide on abortions upon request.

Abortion Laws Currently

We all recall when Donald Trump became president and reintroduced abortion restrictions. The law he reinstated had been in effect since 1984. President Ronald Reagan enacted the international gag rule. It indicates that foreign organizations are not permitted to provide abortion-related health assistance or referrals in the United States. In 2021, the state of Texas enacted a statute known as S.B.8. 

The law prohibits abortions on fetuses older than six weeks in Texas. Multiple mothers would not even be aware of their pregnancy at that point. While the AMA condemned this law, the Supreme Court upheld it.


Despite efforts to legalize abortion in the United States, and even though 80 percent of Americans support the decision, progress has been slow. Consequently, although the solution is not relatively as straightforward, education and learning provide a foundation for students across the nation. It is challenging to implement such a revolutionary law in every state. Nevertheless, as we have seen throughout this article, change occurs gradually.

Therefore, we advise researching a bit about pro-life and pro-choice, as these are neither lighthearted nor simple to comprehend. Numerous aspects are involved, including ethical, physical, and emotional issues. Are you, therefore, pro-life or pro-choice? You may assume you know everything there is to know about the topic, but the problem is much larger than any of us.

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