Supreme court extends the life of DACA.

Muhammad Fahad
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Protest in support of Daca

The deferred action for the childhood arrivals program was specially designed for children.

The ruling created a sigh of relief among the affectees. DACA’s receipts are now very happy as they don’t have to worry about it being dissolved.


Emma Challott Barron who is DACA who is a receipt of the Dafa and who is starting a law school at the University of North Texas said ” I couldn’t believe my eyes” According to the Barron she couldn’t believe her eyes when she heard about the decision when she finally rushed to check the website of the supreme court.

President Barach Obama started the program that helped and enabled students and children who were brought into America Illegally to live in the USA And work in the US. Still, it does not grant them any citizen.

In a 504 vote,, the chief justice John Robers and the court’s four liberal justices told the Department of Homeland Security that the DACA program is harmlessand was arbitrary, and capricious.

Another receipt of the DACA program said that ” I am happy and I am super excited” Josue Tayub, a Daca receipt and a nurse who works in an ICU. At an EL PASO hospital.

He cares for the victims of the mass shooting and now for the people who are sick with the COVID virus.

He says that it’s a life-changing ruling by the supreme court, and I can’t simply thank them enough. “It feels like I can do what I love to do, what I want to do with my life, ” told one of the station KTEP in El Paso. ”For now.”

The decision is said to be a massive blow to the Donald Trump to end the DACA, Donald Trump have been very aggressive against the immigrants and the foreigner who are living and working in the US as there has been strict legislation done by his administration to make a move the immigrant out of America.

Such practices have increased during his tenure. Moreover, ending the DACA was one of the efforts to stop people from working in AMERICA.

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