Surprise! Lifetime’s new “Harry and Meghan” movie is not a complete joke, from kindness to weirdness

Helen Dunmore

Is it suitable for a queen? Oh no. But it’s clear that everyone involved wants the defected royals to do the right thing.

It’s easier to laugh at the idea of ​​Lifetime’s Harry and Meghan movies than to laugh at them, provided that you are committed to giving them a fair shock.

Harry and Meghan:

Escape from the Palace, which is the third film in the network’s dramatic depiction of the life and romance of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and is also the most likely to attract attention to the first few.

The part of the scornful audience.

The reason is obvious, it depends on the ending of the movie-the famous Oprah interview.

In fact, throughout the movie, one can feel that everyone involved is very concerned about whether their title theme is correct as if they knew that the real Harry and Meghan might watch and hope that the royal family would not flinch a lot.

On the other hand, William and Kate are free to register their complaints through appropriate channels.

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Through their descriptions, we are reminded that “Harry and Meghan: Escape from the Palace” is still very much from a channel that brings you “The Godmother of Cocaine” and will soon provide us with a piece about Wendy Williams Biopic.

Remember, when the movie opened, it was shocking that the paparazzi captured a familiar car accident scene-except that it was not Diana Spencer who was trapped in it, but Meghan. Of course, this is not true but it sets the mood for the nightmare Harry and Meghan endured shortly after Archie’s birth and went through everything that followed.

Prince Harry and meghan point of view on movie
“Harry and Meghan: Escape from the Palace”

When Scarlett Lacey’s script began, the Sussex couple was already caught in a turbulent mood.

The media is racist and ruthless, and despite Harry’s plea, William refuses to stand up for his brother’s wife.

Most of Lacey’s actions are based on public accounts and our assumption that Prince William is a toad and Kate is a double-sided Karen. But to be honest, it was shown by the royal cousins ​​and friends. How can we be polite? It is like a rabies animal on a day trip to Westminster Kennel.

Our familiarity with the chronological collapse of the Sussex couple consciously decoupling from the rest of Windsor requires Lacey and Huda to participate in more dramatic permission. The script deals with tabloid attacks and portrays behind-the-scenes conspiracy to directly discredit Megan.

Flashback has been well exercised, including recreating one of the memorable glitches Megan told Oprah. However, the main thing is that they are used to show Princess Diana in a moment of psychological pain that parallels the struggle with Megan. Diana played an important role throughout, arousing Harry’s fear of history and providing additional legitimacy to Megan’s emotional dilemma.

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