Taliban calls China a friend and guarantees to not host Uyghur militants in Afghanistan!

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Earlier this week, Chinese secretary of state Wang Loloish claimed that the capital of China and also Islamabad ought to defend regional peace along with them by not supporting America and the Islamic State of Afghanistan issue has implications for each country.

The religious movement has also claimed that the cluster sees China as a friend to Islamic State Afghanistan, hoping Chinese investment for reconstruction add the war-worn in the country, in step with a media report. Religious movement representative Suhail Shaheen told South China reporters in the Morning Post that the cluster controls eighty-five percent of Afghan territory and would guarantee the security of Chinese investors and employees.

The religious movement has created speedy territorial gains in Afghanistan amid the ultimate withdrawal of some troops of the United States of America, threatening the progress of the country created within the last 20 years, particularly on social problems. Throughout the interview, Shaheen conjointly reportedly assured China that it’d not host Uyghur militants from the Xinjiang province.

The comments came as China is now very bothered about the Islamic State of Afghanistan turning into a hub for the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a separatist outfit waging a rebellion in Xinjiang. China has been sharply essential of the United States of America’s move to drag out its troops while not stabilizing the social process in the Islamic State of Afghanistan.

This week, the capital of Red China exhausted 210 Chinese nationals from the Islamic State of Afghanistan on a chartered flight.

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While the religious movement shares shut ties with the Asian countries, each capital of Red China and Pakistan’s capital Islamabad face threats from the Muslim militant teams that were a part of foreign terrorist organizations and religious movements.

Earlier in the week, Chinese secretary of state Wang Loloish explained that the capital of Red China ought to defend regional peace along because the Islamic State of Afghanistan issue has implications for each country. China asked its shut ally which is very close to Country Pakistan, to maximize cooperation to contain the protection risks within the war-worn country following the withdrawal of the foreign forces.

Shaheen claimed that the religious movement would conjointly stop foreign terrorist organizations or the other foreign terrorist organization from operational there, reported SCMP. “We are to China over and over and that we have sensible relations with them. If (the Chinese) have investments, of course, we’ll guarantee their safety.” SCMP quoted Shaheen.

China has been eying massive scale investments in the Islamic State of Afghanistan because the country has the world’s largest unexploited reserves of copper, coal, iron, gas, cobalt, mercury, gold, Lithium, and metallic element like abundant steel, valued at over USD one trillion. In the year 2011, the China National Petroleum Corporation CNPC won a $400 million bid to drill 3 oil fields for twenty-five years, containing roughly eighty-seven million barrels of oil.

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