Taliban controls Afghanistan’s presidential palace; conflict in Kabul injures 40 people

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Taliban fighters have entered Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and have strengthened their control of the country after thousands fleeing them and advancing quickly.

Earlier, the Taliban stated in a statement that they had ordered all troops not to enter Kabul and that they hoped for a “transitional process.”

The Associated Press stated that the Taliban still control all border crossings in Afghanistan because they are launching offensives across the country. Now, Kabul Airport is the only exit route.

Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told a local TV channel that according to the report, the Taliban had occupied the Tolkam border crossing, which was the last outpost controlled by the Afghan government.

The council led by Hamid Karzai oversees the transition of power to the Taliban

On Twitter, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced the establishment of a coordinating committee with Gulbudin Hikmatyar and Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah to study Afghan affairs and smooth transition from Ashraf Ghani government to Taliban.

40 people injured in clashes in Kabul

Unconfirmed reports claim that as many as 40 people were injured in the clashes on the outskirts of Kabul.

At the same time, Abdul Sattar Mirskwal, the Acting Minister of the Interior of Afghanistan, has ordered a curfew in Kabul after 9 p.m. and asked residents to stay at home and remain calm.

British lawmakers once again call for discussion of the Afghanistan crisis

As per the Sunday Telegraph, the British represetative to Afghanistan Laurie Bristol will be transported out of Afghanistan on Monday night. In any case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to remark on the report.

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Abdullah affirms Ghani’s acquiescence as leader of Afghanistan

Abdullah, administrator of the High Commission for National Reconciliation, asked individuals to resist the urge to panic. He additionally requested that the Afghan powers collaborate to guarantee security.

Abdullah additionally considered Ashraf Ghani the “previous president” and said that he has left the country.

A senior official of the Ministry of the Interior said that Ashraf Ghani, the National Security Agency Mohib and the DG administrative office of President Fazer Fazli have gone to Tajikistan.

Afghan delegation arrives in Pakistan

As indicated by Hama News, the Afghan assignment has shown up in Islamabad, Pakistan. Mir Rahman Rahmani, Mohammad Karim Khalili, Mohammad Younes Qanuni, Mohammad Mohaghegh, Ahmad Zia Massoud and Ahmad Wali Massoud are completely remembered for this assignment.

Sources said that negotiations on how to form a transitional government and the peaceful transfer of power are part of its mission.

Brinken said the Kabul embassy evacuated “old people”

Brinken said on ABC’s “This Week” program on Sunday: “The compound itself, our people are leaving there and moving to the airport.”

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