Tamar Braxton has been admitted with 24 Hour Hospice Care

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Tamar Braxton

A 42 years old singer, who stars in American reality series Braxton Family Values. Tamar Braxton has been admitted with 24 Hour Hospice Care, as she is found unstable. But, it was an unconscious state of mind, in a hotel room.

Tamar Braxton was staying with her boyfriend

she was staying with her boyfriend David Adefeso, at Ritz Carlton Residences in Downtown L.A. He found her unconscious and made a call to 911 for a medical emergency.

Tamar Braxton was drunk:

It was stated that she was drunk and having a drug overdosing. As per the LAPD confirmed that they had received a call around 9:45 pm.

The call was on Wednesday, by David Adefeso, her partner.

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Youtube Livestream was canceled

A Youtube Livestream with the name ‘Coupled & Quarantined’, was scheduled to air on Thursday night. But it was canceled at the last minute because of this incident.


There came an announcement on their page. This you can say as an explanation to ‘why do the Show had to be canceled last minute on Thursday’

“Hello ya’ll, unfortunately, your girl Tamar is under the weather today and not feeling well so we’d like to postpone today’s show (Don’t worry it isn’t COVID),”

The statement read.

“We’re sad because we had an excellent show lined up for you today, but next week’s show goes to be even bigger and better.

So pitying the inconvenience, we all know many of you anticipate to the show hebdomadally. we’ll make it up to you next week.”

A piece of news came forward after Braxton lodge a public complaint about the payment and the behavior of her and her family. They had to bear reportedly got from We Tv for starring in Broxton Family Values

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Dramatization or reality

Answering a fan that said the show had lost its satire throughout the years and had gotten to a greater extent a “dramatization”.

Braxton reacted: “Yet that is the thing that happens when’s everything white officials having all the force and recounting to your dark family stories.

“I will get equity for my family and everyone other dark reality TV shows. But, with the story of ABP and antagonism. it’s horrendous and I’m worn out.”


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