American pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released a new video clip Thursday, belonging to her song The Man. It is the part of her most recent album, Lover. Video also applauded the portrait of sexism, machismo, and the different standards that men and women face in various situations.
This theme is associated with the lyrics of the song, in which Taylor Swift evaluates what his life would be like if he were a man. And wants that he would be criticized less, and would be recognized as visionary and as someone who worked hard. Also, he would allow him to have had several partners throughout his life.

Although he clarified that there is part of his experiences in the world of music in it. There are also stories from other figures in that industry.

The video clip reinforces that plotline, with a Swift transformed by makeup into a man who lives a life worthy of the character of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio, mentioned in the lyrics) of The Wolf of Wall Street.
The character is a rude millionaire who is applauded by others for doing the bare minimum in tasks such as fatherhood and work; The video also includes a sequence based on an episode starring tennis player Serena Williams in 2018. During a tournament, The athlete was angry with the decision of the referee and the athlete was criticized, while other male tennis players were praised for being “passionate.”

The video concludes with another nod to the double standard in the entertainment industry, with Swift in the director’s chair criticizing his male counterpart for his performance and asking him to be “sexier,” while praising a female extra who appears a few seconds—on camera, investing some stories and archetypes of the audiovisual world. In that dialogue, the voice of “Taylor man” is that of actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


As usual in his video clips, Swift also includes references to his previous works, and his personal and professional life. As the fact of not having the property of his previous albums to Lover, after his previous record company sold them without his consent. The video clip ends with some credits in which the singer proudly claims to be the “owner” of the clip.

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