“Tell Me Why” is the first blockbuster game with playable trans characters

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A new Xbox game has made history as a transgender protagonist. This is the first release of a large studio in the industry. Which has long been criticized for its lack of inclusiveness

The first chapter of the game ” Tell Me Why ” was released on Thursday. This will be one of the first games that can be played on the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest console released in November.

The narrative-based game comes from Xbox Game Studios and Dontnod, the developers of the popular game “Life is Strange”. “Tell me why” is about twins, they can see the past.

Tyler Ronan is the first transgender character in a large studio. It is closely followed by the newly released “The Last of Us Part Two”. Which features a queer protagonist who crushes zombies and takes revenge.

Nick Adams, Director of GLAAD’s Transgender Representative Office, said in an email:

“As the first playable transgender protagonist in a major studio release, Taylor is an important step in-game representation. I hope Dontnod The process of creating Taylor’s story with Xbox will show that writing fully-realized trans characters is beneficial to storytelling and the overall culture.”

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After arriving there, they realize that they have the ability to view past memories. But the twins remember things in a different way, which allows players to choose the version to follow.

At the beginning of the game, when the twins were in a store, they recalled the scene of a quarrel between her mother and her best friend ten years ago.

Choosing to remember the combat version of Taylor or Alison will affect the development of the story and determine whether the twins can be close to each other or spread out.

Dontnod game director Florent Guillaume wrote in an email: “The industry has a lot to go in terms of representation, diversity, and inclusion.

But the media is opening up and developing in breadth.” “Independent game development. There are already many talented creators in the community who have created exhilarating experiences through LGBTQIA+ characters and themes, which is meaningful to many people.”

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